MB "Gitrona" was established on year 2014 as spin-off from UAB "Linoma" electronic devices production department. As new company activity is realted to electronic devices only, we hope that this will help us to provide higher quality service for our customers. On April 26 2016, MB "Gitrona" (MB - Mažoji Bendrija - means Small Company) have changed it's ownership status to UAB "Gitrona" (UAB - Uždaroji Akcinė Bendrovė - means Joint Stock Company).

There is almost impossible to find large plant in Lithuania, where electronic devices made by our company aren't used. Our indicators and controllers are very well accepted by food industry and power plants as well.

Our products are successfully used not only in Lithuania, our partners are selling them in a foreign countries too – EU, USA, Japan.

Although in our product range we have “standard” devices, we are especially proud, what recently we are producing more and more dedicated devices. Such type of products ensures both: most efective controll and economical value.

Our main competence is temperature controllers, but we have gain knowledge in telemetry and power devices production too.

Modern technologies, knowledge gained throughout the years, leads us to excellent results – our devices are functioning reliably and effectively. Their technical specifications are same or even better than closest competitor’s.

Sensitive attention to our customers needs, flexibility and strict quality control makes even most demanding customers happy.

If you are producing something, where electronic control is required, give us a call, no doubt, together we can make excellent products!